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eBay is no longer that weird website where you buy Pez dispensers and vintage pieces from the 1970s. Now, it’s a go-to-destination for anything you need – including stylish maternity clothing. Here’s our insiders’ guide to scooping up maternity clothes on eBay:

Rule 1: Have a few favorite brands in mind before visiting the site. By entering those specific names in the search bar, you will narrow down the endless selection to the things that most interest you.

Rule 2: It helps to know what size you are. When you add sizes to your search, you weed out the things that won’t work.

Rule 3: Protect yourself from being bamboozeld. Check the seller’s rating on the upper right hand side of the page. A high-rating means you’re working with a high-quality seller.

Rule 4: Most women only wear their fanciest, most glamorous maternity pieces once or twice before selling them on eBay. The site is the perfect venue for finding remarkable deals on higher-priced, designer outfits.

Rule 5: Be on the lookout for things that are marked NWT (new with tags). Some women buy something and never have the chance to wear it. While we know it doesn’t seem like it, 40 weeks do go by fast.

Here are our top choices on eBay right now:

We’ll admit it – we love this vintage 70’s dress, too.


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