Credit: G Point Studio / ThinkStock

Credit: G Point Studio / ThinkStock


While nearly everything your baby does during the first year will be new, trust us, there are a few firsts you’ll want to remember forever (first step, first word)…and some you won’t mind forgetting. In order to preserve the firsts you’ll want to relive over and over, we’ve outlined a few ways to document the good memories.

  • Baby’s First Footprint/Handprint – We love this frame from Pottery Barn, designed to hold your baby’s first handprint and footprint. Years from now, you’ll have proof that at one time, they really were this little! Added bonus? The frame doubles as great nursery décor.
  • Baby’s First Holiday– Holidays are the first introduction to your family’s traditions and a chance to make new ones with your family’s newest addition. We love Etsy’s custom-made selections to capture the holiday cheer with a baby’s first ornament or menorah, a first holiday card, or a personalized frame for one of your family’s special traditions, like the firstpicture with Santa or first Hannukah. Be sure to have fun with a firstholiday outfit, too.
  • Baby’s First Year Onesies/Stickers– Your baby’s first year of growth is truly incredible. Remember each month of your baby’s development with an adorable “monthly photo” either in unique onesies (like these from Café Press) or stickers (like these from Babies ‘R’ Us). Both also make a great shower gift.
  • Baby’s First Birthday– Technology these days makes it easy for anyone with a smartphone to become a fantastic home video extraordinaire. Singing the very first “Happy Birthday” to your baby is a major moment you’ll want on film. For this classic milestone, record the singing (no matter how off-pitch!) to your one-year-old enjoying his first birthday treat. Whether with a huge party of family and friends or just you and your baby, this is a moment you’ll be sure to cherish. Send your video to loved ones who are far away; it will make their year.

Wondering how you’ll ever keep all the memories together? Luckily, there’sBlinkbuggy for that.

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