Type in “pregnancy” into the iTunes store, and you’ll get one thousand, three hundred and fifty one ways to think about your baby. Sifting through the endless results can be time-consuming, to say the least…

No worries – we did it for you.

Take a look at the list below and quickly download the app that’s right for you, right now. Then get back to Candy Crush.


Pre-Pregnancy: Glow


If you are looking to track and forecast your fertility, this app is for you. Learn your cervical mucus patterns and track your menstrual cycle to get an idea of which days you are most fertile. We love the friendly reminders to take prenatal vitamins and use ovulation tests, so you never miss a step to pregnancy. Most importantly, the app reminds your husband to bring home flowers…arguably, the most important step to conception. (FREE)

First Trimester: The BabyBump


Keep yourself up-to-date from the day you get pregnant ’til the day you head to the hospital. The tracking tools on this app allow you to record how you and your baby change from week-to-week. (FREE)

Second Trimester: Peaceful Nursery


The Peaceful Nursery app makes it easy to design an eco-friendly nursery. Create an environmentally safe shopping list for your crib, blankets and much more. We love the helpful tips and videos, so you can assemble the safest environment for your bundle of joy. ($1.99)

Third Trimester: Baby Bag

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You can’t brave the big day without your favorite socks and king-size pillow, and the Baby Bag app makes remembering these essentials quick & easy! With this app, you can create a personalized packing list for your hospital bag. (FREE & pictured above)

The Big Day: Full Term – Labor Contraction Timer

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Created by a dad to help him through first-time labor, this app lets you track your contractions on the big day. ($0.99)

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